HerbalGem Artisap | G28, 250 ml

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Gemmotherapy remedy Fresh birch sap + bud extracts
DESCRIPTION The association of Birch sap with young shoots of Equisetum arvense (Horse tail) allows for healthy bone development and preservation of cartilage. The Betula alba, Ribes nigrum, Pinus montana and Vitis vinifera buds increase the drainage action of the sap and create and ideal synergy for the maintenance of supple articulations.Therapeutic action: Strengthens the osseous structure and the assimilation of calcium thanks to the action of the Equisetum arvense (Horse tail) young shoots. Strengthens bones thanks to the remineralizing action of the Pinus montana (Mountain pine) buds Cleanses the body thanks to the combined draining action of the Betula alba (White birch) buds Recommendations for usage: In general, we recommend a 3 week cleanse, repeated 3 times, with a 1 week pause between each. INGREDIENTS | EACH 15 ML CONTAINS: Betula alba* (White birch – fresh sap) … 12.60 ml, Equisetum arvense* (Horse tail – young shoots) (1:20) … 0.45 ml, Betula alba* (White birch – buds) (1:20) … 0.15 ml Ribes nigrum* (Black currant – buds) (1:20) … 0.15 ml, Pinus montana* (Mountain pine – buds) (1:20) … 0.15 ml Vitis vinifera* (Grape vine – buds) (1:20) … 0.15 ml Non-medicinal ingredients: Alcohol* (12.5% vol), silicon. DOSAGE: Adults and children > 12 years 1 tablespoon per day in the morning (pure or diluted in a glass of water) for 3 weeks or as directed by a health care practitioner. Drink plenty of water. Shake well before use. Keep in cool area once opened.