Ferapro 150mg(Bobs Iron Formula), 100 Capsules

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Iron, Energy, Ferapro
FERAPRO, originally formulated by compounding pharmacist Bob Mehr in 1997 and formerly known as BOB'S IRON FORMULA, is a holistic blend of iron, vitamins, and cofactors to prevent and/or treat iron deficiency anemia. The absorption and tolerability of the iron in this blend are enhanced by vitamin C and glycine, while the active forms of vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) and folate (5-MTHF) support the growth and function of healthy red blood cells. FERAPRO has been proven to gently and effectively increase serum ferritin levels faster than polysaccharide iron supplements. Patients report less constipation, nausea and upset stomach with FERAPRO when compared to other commonly prescribed brands of iron supplements in Canada. FERAPRO is the only ferrous (Fe2+) iron supplement that offers 150mg elemental iron as a single dose once per day, which is the optimal regimen for maximum absorption. It is also available in 30mg and 75mg elemental iron per capsule dosages for individualized dosing.