AOR All-Life Colostrum, 120 Capsules

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Whole-food based immune support Helps fight disease and infection Packed with immune boosters Reduces the risk of autoimmunity Promotes tissue healing
Immune Support, AOR,
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Colostrum is produced in mammalian mammary glands in the latest stage of pregnancy and in the first few days after birth. Occasionally known as ‘first milk,’ colostrum is responsible for triggering no fewer than fifty biochemical processes in a newborn’s body, which will provide the lifelong foundation of the growth process and the immune system. It is a whole food, which is extremely high in vital nutrients, growth factors, and antibodies. All-Life Colostrum is a key supplement for those seeking to support their overall immune system and their immune function within the upper respiratory tract. AOR ADVANTAGE AOR’s All-Life Colostrum is derived from North American livestock raised under the best conditions and processed under rigorous quality control conditions. Colostrum produced in colder climates is a superior product due to harsh winter conditions, which cause cattle to produce greater levels of immune-supporting compounds than they do in more temperate zones. All-Life Colostrum is 30% immunoglobulin G (IgG), almost double the strength of typical colostrum supplements. It has been purified of all but trace quantities of lactose and is freeze-dried to preserve the biological activity of its special proteins. Serving Size: 1 capsule Medicinal Ingredients: Bovine colostrum† 500 mg †Also contains naturally occurring immunoglobulins G, M, and A, lactoferrin and proline-rich peptides. Non-medicinal Ingredients: Canola oil, butylated hydroxytoluene, sodium stearyl fumarate. Capsule: hypromellose Adult Dosage: Take one to ten capsules daily with or without food, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner. Cautions: Consult a health care practitioner for prolonged use or prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a history of cancer, diabetes, liver or kidney disease, an immune system disorder (e.g., Crohn’s disease, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, HIV/AIDS, etc.), are taking immunosuppressants or if you have been instructed to follow a low protein diet. Do not use it if you have an allergy to dairy or cow’s milk. Complementary Products: AHCC®, Advanced Whey® Vanilla, Lactoferrin-250